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Minox Weather Station Pro II

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The ultra-compact ‘weather station' that keeps outdoor
enthusiasts fully informed of the elements

On land, mountains and valleys, on water, sea, lake or river, or even in the air - the MINOX Weatherstation is the perfect product! With this highly versatile pocket sized measuring device from MINOX, outdoor and active leisure fans can now become owners of one of the smallest ‘weather stations' on the market today. Within seconds its possible to measure wind speed, temperature, atmospheric pressure, altitude and even humidity. This ultra-compact measuring instrument is there-fore perfect for those who need an accurate estimation of the weather. An integrated watch with timer and time control functions broaden its overall use.

MINOX is renown for the miniaturization of high quality optical instruments and fine precision mechanical products. For the outdoor market MINOX have already developed and marketed a unique monocular, pocket binoculars with a built-in altitude meter and designed handy but functional measuring instruments. The Weatherstation is the latest innovative development of MINOX and is an indicator of the ability of the company to produce quality product, full of features and offering good value.

By just holding it up to the wind the integrated impeller determines the current wind speed every second and displays it on the illuminated LC monitor either in mph, km/h, knots, m/s, ft/s or Beaufort. The sapphire-mounted propeller reacts so quickly that wind speeds of just 2 mph (3 km/h) are registered. Average values and peak average values can be displayed at the press of a button. The simultaneously displayed out-door temperature is given in Centigrade and Fahrenheit, with a measuring range from -24°C to +60°C. From the wind speed and the outdoor temperature the Weatherstation can, when required, also determine wind chill - the apparent temperature that is felt on exposed skin.

In extreme situations it is vital to keep track of any changes in the atmospheric pressure which indicate a change in the current weather. The integrated barometer in the MINOX Weatherstation not only tells the current atmospheric pressure hPa using graphic columns in the LC display, but it also shows changes that have taken place over the past 24, 12, 6 or 3 hours. By switching over, the barometer becomes an alti-tude meter with a measuring accuracy of +/- 1 m up to 10000 meters in altitude. As the Weatherstation is for use world-wide it features an autoset function. With this feature it is regularly adjusted to a known altitude which then compensates fluctuations in atmospheric pressure caused by the weather and therefore increases the accuracy of any reading.

Using a highly accurate humidity sensor with fast response, the Weatherstation determines the dewpoint (condensation of humidity) - this is considered an important indicator for the forecast of haze, fog or clouds.

Measuring just 11.9 x 5.8 x 1.9 cm the MINOX Weatherstation is a real lightweight and weighs in at only 67 grams. It is waterproof down to 5 meters making it a reliable when out in rough weather. The body has been designed to enhance both ease of operation and ergonomic handling when taking measurements. A slider protects the vertically arranged sensors when they are not in use and simultaneously serves as an On/Off switch.

Included with the MINOX Weatherstation is a cord strap and a Lithium battery CR 2032.

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